hello!! Today is a day when the weather is unstable. Many bicycles have got wet in the rain!?!?!? In such a case, be sure to wipe it and perform maintenance Ride at any time with a cool bicycle !! So I would like to introduce today's OSAKA CUSTOM.

Leader Bike "735TR"

I have never seen the real thing until I entered Brotures OSAKA Immediately after entering, I was overwhelmed by the presence of 735TR. It has an impact and cool, It is a frame that you want to feel and see this impact on your skin. In addition, this time it was finished in Custom Bike, which has a sense of luxury and presence. After all, from the color custom "Simple and cool "For those who say Isn't it the best Custom Bike!?!?!?!? I would like to introduce the parts. First of all, around the handle !! The handle stem used "Leader" parts.

Leader Bike Saber Bull Horn Bar ¥ 4,200 - (+Tax)

Leader Bike The Shield Stem ¥ 8,000- (+Tax)

I gave a sense of unity. It looks good by giving a sense of unity "Leader" is irresistible. For more information about the handle, the link is pasted. Please check that →

[Evolved "Leader" parts !!!]

Next, around the saddle.

TNI BLACK FEATHER Carbon Rail Saddle ¥ 18,000- (+Tax)

I wrote in detail on yesterday's blog Check out this link.

[In stock !! "TNI" Black feater carbon rail saddle]

The seat post also uses "Leader" according to the stem and steering wheel. ¥ 4,200- (+tax)
First of all, the design of the logo has changed and it is simple and cool. Slightly, a few grams are lighter than the previous "Leader" seat post. The texture is the same as the handle, the matte finish. The price is reasonable, so please come !!! Next is the wheel. First of all, the front !!

BROTURES SHRED50 CARBON Wheel ¥ 45,000- (+Tax)


The popular SHRED series looks compared to SHRED88

The impact is reduced, but for that reason, from the normal SHRED

Wheels that pursue lightness by reducing about 30mm thinner.

I feel like an ordinary aluminum wheel once, If you look closely, it is different, so theft of the wheels will decrease compared to SHRED88. It is a recommended wheel. The rear

HED H3 Carbon Baton Wheel ¥ 140,000- (+Tax)

It is lightweight and high rigidity because it uses high quality carbon fiber. The bearing part is smooth and turned well. Because the brake surface is made of aluminum, It is good that it does not have to be a brake shoe for carbon. The driving sound that only the user can experience seems to be exceptional. It looks like it is unique to it, I feel like I can run fast just by custom. Today's custom bike Did you like it!?
Those who are worried about "735TR" Please come to the store and come to see the real thing. The staff together with the price, color, and parts that suit the customer Please feel free to contact us as we will choose. It's okay to just come to make an estimate We are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA. This Saturday will be Minatomachi River Place PLAZA3 2FThere is "Trick Contest" Norida ".
Moreover, the entrance is "free" On the day, the Brotures OSAKA staff is also at the venue Please feel free to come !! U-KI.
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12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)