Fi & 39; Zik: K prep saddle! Kurve snake ...

Hello!!! I want to tell you pretty hot information!!! Fi'zi: K saddle! It's up to you today Fi'zi: K kurve snake carbon "2015" model!! Fizz brand K support many pro teams. Leather saddle can adjust the skin tension and has an innovative structure Kurve has evolved.

The price is

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Kurve 2015 model supports saddle bass "Re: Flex structure" is a saddle which makes the base active positively and is excellent in shock absorption. Unlike the traditional racing saddle pad pads most of the comfort Deterioration is lowIt can maintain comfort even for long periods.
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Mobius carbon is also used for rail By providing reinforcing arch behind the clamp post of seat post It has both strength and stiffness and is very sturdy. It is also called "tuner" between the rail and the top Attached parts are available It is possible to adjust the top tension by changing it. This is a convenient saddle because it can make your ride comfortable. The appearance and the performance are outstanding, and it is the commodity that the manager manager purchases in the Osaka store If you are concerned, please come early. There are three types of criteria for selecting saddle

High speed rider
Chameleon - medium flexible rider
Low, low flexibility
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Because I can decide by measuring these things Use Fizi: K to buy saddle! There are many parts that exceed expectations. When I come to brotures, I can do anything Please feel free to consult us. And Finally, "Wai me" waiting for tomorrow will be held!
Check this here for details"Nori no Hana" Please come by all means. U-ki.
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