Continuing from yesterday, Leader Bike "7...

Good evening. I customized Leader Bike 735TR White today. Unlike the 735TR Custom Bike yesterday, I tried to make it costly. Then please take a look !!
By the way, compared to yesterday's Custom Bike ...
By comparing, Today's Custom Bike has a higher stem angle Yesterday's Custom Bike has a lower stem angle. If you are up, it is easy and easy to ride and is ideal for long distances. If you are down, you will be leaning forward, You can run comfortably and quickly that hinder the wind resistance. Which one do you prefer!?!?!? I think there is a taste for some people, but it can give you your own feeling. I would be glad if you could refer to both motorcycles because it is best.
I would like to introduce today's Custom Bike parts. It has a unified finish !!!! First of all, stable Easton combination !!!

Easton EA70 ¥ 8,500 ( + tax)


Easton EA50 Stem ¥ 4500 (+Tax)

The detailed explanation of Easton's handle and stem combination I have a link, so please check that !!! Next is Fizi: K combination !!!

Fizi: K Antares 00 Carbon SADDLE ¥ 41,730 - (+Tax)

Of course, using carbon and light It is a feature of the Physique saddle It has both security and comfort, and has excellent shock absorption. Also, the side of the saddle is according to the pedaling It is a mechanism that makes you flexible This does not hinder the movement of the thighs You can maximize the power of pedaling !!! Please check it when you come to the store because it is a saddle suitable for the price.

Fizi: K Cyrano R1 CARBON SEATPOST ¥ 18,580- (+Tax)

There are two types of size development ・ 27.2mm x 330 ・ 31.6mm x 330 It is a simple design !!! A seat post with a lighter and rigidity. The position of the saddle height is also easy to understand and convenient. Can prevent mud from entering Silicon color is also included so it is endorsed !! It is also popular. If you are interested, be as soon as possible. How was it!?!?!? The price is cheaper than yesterday The average custom price is now !!! Leader Bike 735TR White Custom Bike ¥ 240,000- (+Tax)
Leader Bike is a very popular frame To give your own original feeling, Let's create a custom and cool bicycle with the Brotures staff. When purchasing again, I have no hand now Those who want to pay by split. There is a loan payment method Please feel free to contact us. Example) Calculation for one and a half years
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We are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA tomorrow !!! U-KI
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