Is it a necessity in the coming season?

Good evening everyone. I'm sorry. Autumn has begun. It's very pleasant to ride a bicycle in the daytime It has become quite chilly from night to morning. What is a necessity for riding in the cold season? "Muffler" → If you feel cold, you should attach it. "Knit hat" → It is also recommended as fashion. "Gloves" → correct! That's right gloves. Riding a bicycle without gloves in the cold season. 。 。 Naturally, your hands are biting, and you may be frostbite. "Gloves" are essential items to make a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. So today I will introduce gloves.
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ASHRAM STLINE C-Class ¥ 4800 (+tax) What do you think? I feel very cool. It is a recommended item not only in winter but also in early spring.
"If you wear a glove on a bicycle, you can't play your smartphone." I have heard this opinion. rest assured! The fingertips are made of conductive materials, making it an excellent thing that does not need to remove gloves when operating smartphones. It is a gloved glove with design functionality.
ASHRAM STLINE E-Class ¥ 5200 (+Tax) It has become a model that has been thoroughly pursued the comfort of wearing all the useless things. So the appearance design is very simple!
As the design is simple,The palm has a higher grip power with silicon print. Therefore, it is a recommended item for customers who use handles that are not wrapped in bar tape. Naturally, the above two are perfect. By the way, I feel like I got on a bicycle with a glove! !
It is cool! ! It would be cool to ride a bicycle with such a glove! Bicycles are cool and clothes are cool! Other
I have! Please come to see! ! BROTURES proposes all the environments on a bicycle. By the way, this model is Kawabe, the staff of "U-KI". Then the weather forecast!
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It doesn't seem to rain tomorrow! Oh, oh! Bandai
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