"Leader is not just [7 series] !!!!"

Hello! ! Do you guys enjoy holidays? ? ? Osaka is unfortunate rain forecast from night, so let's go out early! ! Today, I would like to introduce various models of Leader Bikes! ! As it is often said to customers, Speaking of Leader Bikes ...


It seems that the image of the BIKE is strong! ! Certainly, there has been a "7 series" for a long time, so I think the image is strong! ! Today, I would like you to know BIKE other than the "7 series", so I will introduce it!
From below, it is "Kagero" "Kagero" "Renovatio" "EQNX"! ! !
・ Leader Bikes Kagero Framest ¥ 98,000 (+Tax) This Bike is popular from STAFF !! The top tube is a pashute frame on the front down, so it looks impactful!
・ Leader Bikes Renovatio Framest ¥ 98,000 (+Tax) This is the other day

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But it is Renovatio where the U.S.A team of Leader Bikes introduced! ! The best truck frame!
・ Leader Bikes EQNX Framest ¥ 160,000 (+Tax) It is a masterpiece using carbon except for head tubes, seat tubes and BB shells! ! ! It's simple, but it's irresistible! The Osaka Mechanic's FUJI is riding, so please call out anytime! ! You can test drive! ! Today, we introduced three models other than Leader Bikes's "7 Series"! how was it? ? Leader Bikes isn't just the "7 series"! ! ! ! By all means, "come to the store, see, get on, and touch"! ! ! ! We look forward to your visit! ! ! ! Ayumu.
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