Kagero2015 Customer Bike.

Hello!!! It's hot in the daytime and the chilly season continues at night Are you doing your physical condition!? As with physical condition management, please manage your bicycle well. Now, Today, I will introduce the frame "Kagero" that represents the Pashute (the front down). I thought it would be helpful for those who are trying to assemble Kagero. Leader Bikes Kagero Customer Bike.
The customer's request is "anyway, the appearance is cool.!!!」 Answer the question The wheel chosen by the staff Custom the original wheels of Brotures before and after. BROTURES T3 Carbon WHEEL Front ¥ 90,000- (+Tax)
BROTURES T3 baton wheel that appeared in 2015 !!! A wheel that appeared in the United States with a full -time test for more than a year. The shock absorption of carbon wheels that flexibly respond to city riding There is a ride comfort and charm that you can only understand. The good thing about baton wheels is that the number of spokes is reduced and the air resistance is extremely extreme. It is made to control. The gyro effect has been demonstrated accordingly, and it seems like I received a tailwind. You can experience the running comfort. It will be restocked soon, so if you make a reservation, it is now !!! Arrival BROTURES SHRED88 CARBON WHEEL REAR ¥ 52,000- (+Tax)
Check out yesterday's blog for details. ⇨Stock Shred 88. moreover The saddle isTioga spyder ¥ 12,000- (+tax)
While having an excellent side of the design and left and right sides A saddle with excellent weight reduction because there are many parts that are removed. Not only that, but in the coming season, the buttocks will not be stuffy and stuffy. I think it's a saddle that doesn't have to worry about pants sweat. I think the hot days will continue in the coming season, but why not get dissatisfied with this saddle!? Finally from Leader Bikes Leader Bikes Down Town Drop ¥ 7,000- (+Tax)
I chose this frame as a handle And the handle Down Town !!! The appearance is compact, and it is a handle that tends to be lean forward. It is highly recommended for those who are looking for a track handle. How was this Customer Bike!?
We will make custom customs that meet the customer's request. Please feel free to consult the staff. Furthermore, creating an estimate writing when building a custom is free. If you have time, why not make a quote just at BROTURES OSAKA and go home!? Please feel free to contact us as we will make loan simulation for free. We are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA !!! U-KI.
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