Even if you have a budget of 200,000 yen ...

Hello!!! Today in the number of aluminum frames of Leader Bikes Suitable for track racing & street ride with high specs Introducing the custom completed car of Geometry Leader Bikes 735TR. Leader Bikes is not only for commuting or going to school, but also It is a good frame that can run enough even with a truck !!! Then, it is today's custom completed car. Please refer to it when building a custom completed car. Leader Bikes 735TR Custom Bike ¥ 417,000-
I think it is natural that this frame and parts specifications will be this much price. Along with the car, bicycles are the same "Do you get a tens of millions of yen? Can anyone rode a cool luxury car even if you look at it?" "Do you ride a convenient and fuel -efficient car for hundreds of thousands of yen?" I think it's like. After that, it depends on the customer whether to customize good parts The more you custom, the more speed, the comfort, and the coolness of the appearance will come. All parts of today's custom completed car are high -spec parts, so I think it will be helpful !!!! DEDA PISTA HANDDLE ¥ 8,600- (+Tax)
It is also used for the standard of the finished car Royal road track drop. It's just the right thickness to hold the handle, so it's easy to hold I think that you can experience the ease of riding that has no other smooth shape of the drop part. I also love Leader Bikes's Rider "Emi Brown" !! ZIPP Service Course BK ¥ 15,000- (+Tax)
A stem that uses 7075 aluminum and combines the highest level of rigidity and lightness. Use titanium bolt (T25) to make lightness and accurate torque management easier. In addition, the angle can be beautifully shown at an exquisite angle with an exquisite angle. I think that it will be even more unified because it is parallel to the top tube. The story only here is all black. Only BROTURES is sold in Japan !!! Fizi: K Kurve Snake Crabon Rail ¥ 36,820- (+Tax)
The shape of the buttocks is different for each person, so if the saddle price is high, it will hurt. There are a variety of saddles that are less likely to hurt by fitting the buttocks even if the price is cheap, In this saddle, the Rail part uses Carbon, so it has excellent weight reduction and shock absorption. This saddle is a geometry with a longer Rail without relying on the amount of putt. The base itself is distributed and it will achieve a fake fitting to the buttocks. This saddle has gained the trust of many RIDER because of the comfort born from the end. It is widely popular, from those who value appearance to those who value the pain of the buttocks. Leader Bikes SPCA1 Crabon SeatPost ¥ 19,000- (+Tax)
Aero carbon seat post from Leader Bikes. Because it is the same thickness as the Leader Bikes 735TR, 725TR seat tube part The compatibility with 735TR and 725TR is outstanding because it creates a sense of unity. SUGINO 75 D.D 49T ¥ 54,000- (+Tax)
Appeared from "SUGINO", a popular brand overseas The Sugino Direct Crank suitable for streamlide is on sale Do you know!? Speaking of SUGINO parts, many bicycle racing players use it. A highly reliable brand from good accuracy. There is no waste, so the power is transmitted directly, so there is no wasted power when driving. The lightness at the beginning of rowing and the growth when the speed accelerates can only be understood by those who are customized. The accuracy of the chainring can be relieved because "Zen" is attached in the set. In general, you may think that it is expensive when you look at the price alone, but more accuracy It provides a rowing comfort more than expected. Finally, carbon wheels provided with confidence from Brotures BROTURES SHRED88 Front ¥ 55,000- (+Tax) I got one point left BROTURES SHRED 45 Rear ¥ 47,000- (+Tax)
Have you ever rode a carbon wheel!? Driving sounds, driving power, durability, It is also a wheel made with strict tests for many years. Just customizing this wheel, the appearance changes. If you are looking for a change or want to change the riding comfort, please be as soon as possible !!! How was this custom completed car!?
Even if you have a budget of 200,000, there is no problem with BROTURES. You can pay by loan when you pay, This custom completed car is ¥ 417,000- Just put the down payment of 200,000 and just make the rest as a loan You can ride a perfect high -spec fixie bike without a compromise. If you simulate it, it looks like this. * If you put a down payment of 200,000 and pay the rest 18 times
Screenshot 2015-05-28 19.33.27
It looks like this. If you plan to purchase a custom completed car, please feel free to use it. We are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA. U-KI.
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