Leader Bikes "Kagero" Customer Bike.

Good evening!!! Today is the popular frame "Kagero" Introducing Customer's Bike. Kagero is a pashute geometry with the top tube lowered. By going forward, the center of gravity is forward and the air resistance is reduced. Therefore, it is used in a time trial, and the air resistance is reduced, so the speed is improved, It's easy to do skids, just because the frame is down before, it's not just the appearance part The characteristic of the Pashute Frame is that the ride comfort changes greatly !!!
In addition, the 2015 model has "Mithril Silver" and "Pearl Black" above !!! The head tube becomes a tapered head The down tube also uses a tube tube. By doing so, the strength of the pilot ultra, which is the most important for rowing, etc. It is a perfect frame for more tough rides !!! In addition to Leader Bikes, Cinelli Mash, Dosnoventa This geometry is used. The secret of popularity that cannot be conveyed by explanation alone is There is a good point that only those who ride can realize !!! Where I understand the goodness of the frame I would like to introduce Customer's Bike.
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If you want to get "Kagero" in 2015, refer to this custom bike Would you like to make your own original motorcycle!? Please consult with the staff for custom. We are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA. U-KI.
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