"Recommended for Cedina Biclone !!"

Hello! Recently, do you often see people riding a piste bike in the city? Now, more and more people use fixie bikes for commuting, going to school and going out on holidays! The reason is that in the case of a fixie bike, no clothes are selected, Because it is so popular that some people will incorporate it as a fashion item! This time, it is a great deal for those who are considering purchasing as a fashion item or commuting to school! !
It is Cedina Biclone! BROTURES can use loans in addition to cash and cards as a payment method. I think that many people have a very good image when they hear a loan. It costs interest rates and loses, and I don't like borrowing. I often hear the voices from such customers. Certainly, in the case of a loan, you have to pay every month, I don't want to compromise on a price problem to buy a good bicycle! ! ! I think that interest rates are 8%if it is a basic loan, but Brotures loan ...

The interest rate is 5%and low interest rates! ! !

(The division fee for credit card is about 8-18%.) With this, you can make a bicycle that you can understand without a burden, and a custom that you can understand! ! I would like to simulate with 735TR Costum! !
・ Leader Bikes 735TR Custom Bike ¥ 417,000-

If BROTURES loan interest rate is 5%! !

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With this, you can get a satisfactory bike with less burden! ! This simulation is paid 12 times, but you can choose the number of payments according to your wishes. Also, you don't have to be a full loan! For example, if your budget is 150,000 yen, you will have 150,000 yen as a down payment. You can also pay the balance with a loan! By putting a down payment, you can pay without burden. *If you put a down payment of 150,000 yen
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