TRP RL951.

Good evening!!! In June, the law on bicycles became stricter. Do you have poor maintenance or traffic rules!? So today is in line with the law that became more severe in June I would like to introduce parts. First, see this decided rule. (1) Ignoring the signal: Protect the signal (2) Enter the railroad crossing where the barrier has gone: Do not enter the railroad crossing where the barrier has descended (3) Unpapping at the designated location: In the place where the "stop" sign of the pause is provided, stop once and check the safety. (4) Transportation law violating the sidewalk: Running on the road with pedestrians on the sidewalk (5) Brake defective bicycle: Bicycles without brakes and poorly effective bicycles are maintained (6) Drunk driving: Do not ride if you drink (7) Wan -prohibited violation of one -way traffic: Do not enter one -way roads that do not indicate "Bicycle excluding" (8) Slow violation in a pedestrian -only band: If you drive a sidewalk, take a slow speed and ride (9) Transportation division violation: Run on the left side of the road (10) Pedestrians in the roadside zone: Do not interfere with pedestrians when running on the roadside without a sidewalk (11) Violation of safety progression at the intersection: At the intersection, drive with caution with caution, especially for cars and pedestrians. (12) Priority vehicle obstruction at the intersection: Check the road sign and give priority to vehicles running on the priority road. (13) Violation of safety in the circular intersection violation: At the circular intersection where the road has become a circular, drive with attention to the surrounding cars and pedestrians. (14) Safe driving duty violation: Umbrella driving, two -seater, and stopping while listening to music with earphones while talking on mobile phones Today, I would like to introduce the necessary parts to (5) among these 14 items. Ride on a fixie bike with the desire to make it look simple I think many people have only one brake !!! It is natural that there is a front and rear brakes, and the safety of people around you will be protected. Of course, accidents on bicycles will be reduced. Various things to attach brakes There is a brake lever and brake caliper !! I would like to introduce the brake lever I would like to recommend today !! Here is the product ↓ ↓ ↓ TRP RL951 ¥ 7,000- (+tax)
Color: Carbon Size: 31.8mm Weight: 78g Make the weight of the important part for the brake lever, which is important for a fixie bike, This TRP brake lever is a product that maintains durability and achieves optimal brake performance. The highest quality control and reliability, taking advantage of 20 years of experience You can use it with confidence because the test is repeated to improve safety. The TRP brake lever uses carbon fiber It is the finest class lever that pursues durability and lightweight to the last minute.
With the current situation where the traffic rules of bicycles have become stricter "I want to add a good brake if I put a brake anyway !!!" Maybe there are many such people!? Then we are waiting for you at Brotures OSAKA. U-KI.
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