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Hello! ! This season is still the rainy season ... If you are riding a bicycle on a regular basis, it's hard to get on a bicycle. If you are thinking of purchasing a bicycle from now on, choose a bicycle now Be prepared to ride as soon as the rainy season is coming! ! Today, I would like to introduce the models that are back in stock soon! !
Leader Bikes Cretin ¥ 80,000 (+Tax) San Diego's piste crew "CRETIN"! ! This BIKE was born from their thoughts aiming to revitalize the community with the fixes !! It is a new entry model that inherited the intention of Leader Bikes 721 that was previously! ! This model will be restocked in late June! ! !
FXYATION PIXEL 2015 COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 75,000 (+Tax) The United States is Milwaukee's brand "FYXATION"! ! In the slender chromoly classic style, there is a commitment that pursues the ease of riding on the streets and components! ! This is also available from late June to early July! ! And for customers who have a new body in June, including the car body introduced today,

"Custom wages are free for 3 months (until September) !!!"

This is a great deal! ! ! If you are considering purchasing a bicycle in the future, please do not miss this opportunity! ! ! ! And enjoy your bicycle life with the end of the rainy season! ! Then we are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA! ! Ayumu.
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