Leader Bikes Kagero Mecha Fujirou Custom.

Good evening!!! Today is the mechanic Fujimoto Introducing Leader Bikes Kagero Black Custom Bike. I think it is a custom completed car that is good, all, good, price, price, everything. Then please see. Leader Bikes Kagero FUJIMOTO Custom ¥ 256,500-
How about this price and coolness with this finish!? Click here for custom parts !!! NITTO RB-018SSB Bullhorn ¥ 7,095- (+Tax)
The handle of Nitto is 31.8mm. Over -size stem can be used, It provides an exquisite grip. Even if you wrap the bar tape, it will make you feel good !!! The stem and seat post give a sense of unity Custom Fizi: K, famous for the saddle. Fizi: K Cyrano Stem ¥ 11,920- (+Tax)
Use a angle stem to add more angles to the kagero pashute. You can speed up by lowering your posture and reducing wind resistance. Like ZIPP, the bolt is titanium bolt, using 7075 aluminum. The weight is 128g and the stem with both lightness and rigidity. With a sense of stability and a sense of fixation Fizi: K Cyrano Carbon Seat Post ¥ 11,570- (+Tax)
The material is carbon and the size is 27.2mm x 330 and 31.6mm x 330 !!!! The design is simple and elegant carbon color !!! Change the thickness of the tube and use a differential wall Both weight reduction and rigidity !!! In addition, the tube tip is thinly cut, cut diagonally and lighter. A silicon color that can prevent mud etc. from entering is also included !!! The saddle maximizes the burden on the buttocks Tioga Twintail ¥ 12,000- (+Tax)
Because it transforms to the load during driving This saddle is very popular from riders. Fixed a sense of fixing during pedaling, so that it does not interfere with movement Because it is designed thinly, it is possible to run comfortably. Brotures All Day Crank ¥ 10,000- (+Tax)
BROTURES original crank designed with geometry for fixes. It is easy to replace the chain ring with PCD144 !! BB is an all -round crank that can be used with any frame because it is a classic cartridge type. The standard equipment of the custom completed car is customized. It is advantageous to assemble from the frame. The wheel used this time is a wheel that is not on the finished car. You can select a custom completed car assembled from the frame. BROTURES ELCLASSICO Front ¥ 13,000- (+Tax)
BROTURES Original wheels are also reduced. Please get as soon as possible !!! Eighthinch Julian Rear ¥ 14,000- (+Tax)
This is the custom completed car by the mechanic Fujimoto.
I want to assemble a bicycle with a good color and a good performance If you have a consultation, please feel free to contact the staff. If you make a custom bike today with a 18 -payment loan You can buy it for about ¥ 15,000 per month.
Screenshot 2015-06-13 14.40.49
Please feel free to use. If you purchased it in June Custom wages are free for 3 months. Please consider purchasing at BROTURES OSAKA at this great opportunity. We are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA. U-KI.
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