For the city.

Good evening!!! Unlike usual, I think I'll enter from a little story. I think many people think what is the title for the city!? FOR THE CITY is an abbreviation of "FTC", and is a fashion brand that is used by the store manager of the Osaka store. Opened in California, the same base as Leader Bikes in 1985 We are gaining a wide range of popularity, including skaters, DJs, and artists. By the way, it is a street brand that is still attracting attention in the street industry.
"FTC" is also the concept of "for the city" It is spreading in the world, and there is a similar place to Leader Bikes. Not only Leader Bikes, but also a bicycle is a really convenient and comfortable vehicle !! It will be a private hobby as well as commuting and going to school !! It is also environmentally friendly, and bicycles are perfect in this eco era. In addition, bicycle roads are gradually increasing. I want to continue to tell more people the goodness of the fixie bike We look forward to your continued look from BROTURES's blog !! Now, Today we will introduce Dosnoventa Houseon Raw Custom Bike.
Today I will give you a custom completed photo at the end. Please see from the parts first. ENVE ROAD BAR ¥ 45,000- (+Tax)
Clamp diameter: 31.8mm/Drop: 127mm/reach: 79mm/Clamp width: 110mm/weight: about 210g Because it is the finest carbon, it is very light and harder. It is a recommended handle for those who want to use a road drop with a hard texture. The only reason why top riders around the world custom to customize this brand ENVE is for those who use it I don't know, I have a surprising lightness, rigidity, and accuracy. Riders who are thinking about the final part should customize this brand !!!!!! Thomson X2 ¥ 8,400- (+Tax)
Thomson's stem has been sharpened to the last minute An immovable stem that keeps rigidity and has been very popular overseas, which has succeeded in weight reduction. Thomson's parts are geometry, which is all calculated. This is the example of the same industry manufacturer. If you want to replace the stem and seat post soon, we are waiting for you at BROTURES. Fizi: K Arione ¥ 15,250- (+Tax)
Choose a standard and popular stylish saddle among the many Fizi: K saddles. The rail part uses K: IUM alloy rail, It demonstrates the performance far beyond the titanium rail. Light and strong K: IUM rails are indispensable for riders !!! When assembling from the frame, the saddle is just for the time being It would be best to use this saddle safely !!! SRAM OMNIUM ¥ 37,000- (+tax)
Speaking of the synonym for direct cranks from the United States !!! The direct crank has a structure in which the arm part is connected. It is a geometry that conveys the power to the full power without waste in the stepping power. This structure is a crank that was explosively popular as the fabric was popular. Direct cranks with excellent performance without declining their popularity. I think that only those who use it can only use the crank part just by changing the crank part. BROTURES SHREDT4 Front ¥ 95,000- (+tax) Rear ¥ 99,500- (+Tax)
While Brotures SHRE88 and SHRED38 appear one after another, Everyone keeps longing without the popularity BROTURES Original Baton Wheel SHRED "T4" !!! It is said that the wheels are originally twice the driving speed. If you are running at 30km/h, the aerodynamics of the wheel are equivalent to 60km/h. Do you know that the larger the number of spokes, the more air resistance?? This wheel has four spokes with four spokes. Therefore, the air resistance is reduced, and the gyro effect is demonstrated in the direction of travel !!! It will be as if you were a tailwind. Only those who use baton wheels will experience this feeling. Baton wheels are also custom on the test ride, so please feel free to test drive. Then I kept you waiting. DOSNOVENTA HOUSTON CUSTOM BIKE ¥ 634,000- here !!!!
What do you think!? DOSNOVENTA RAW color is still in stock. Those who want to get on the finest aluminum frame or one that does not suffer from people If you want to assemble it, it will be the quickest to go to Dosnoventa. Many people are thinking about changing to DOSNOVENTA!? You can use a loan just by the frame Please feel free to use it when replacing it. * Semilation only for DOSNOVENTA HOUSTON frames
Screenshot 2015-06-14 18.35.26
Finally, let's say goodbye to Dosnoventa videos. [Vimeo][/vimeo] We are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA today. U-KI.
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