Direct Crank's.

Good evening!!! It's a personal matter, but I don't read much manga. LINE manga that Ayumu was saying yesterday I looked at "Windbreaker" because I was told that it was interesting. It was said that it was better to look at it because it was interesting many times For me, I don't like comics, I was honestly doing it. I regret what I hadn't seen before, and now I'm addicted to it I read everything yesterday, next Sunday I was born with the feelings of those who can only be looking forward to it !!! If you do not read manga, but if you like bicycles, please take a look. Now, the story returns to the main subject. Today, I will introduce the direct crank in Brotures OSAKA. Those who have purchased the finished car and have not changed the crank yet It is a crank that can be recommended for those who want to change the running. These three points are introduced. I also use a direct crank I personally feel that the direct crank is fast to reach the top speed. In addition, the arm part is directly connected, so you can easily row because you do not use unnecessary power. If you personally do street ride, this crank I really want you to customize it. The first thing to introduce is Original crank designed by BROTIURES with confidence. Ceramic ¥ 33,000- (+tax) This price is endorsed in a direct crank. Next, many overseas riders will love and keep a high reputation Synonymous with direct crank SRAM OMNIUM ¥ 37,000- (+tax) It is also a crank that is gaining popularity in terms of design. Finally, the brand power that can represent Japan From Sugino, which is popular overseas, continuing to make NJS project products Direct crank suitable for street ride Sugino75 D.D CRANK Black 44t ~ 46t ¥ 53,000- (+tax) 47t ~ 52T ¥ 54,000- (+tax) 53t ~ 55T ¥ 55,000- (+tax) Silver 44t ~ 46t ¥ 52,000- (+tax) 47t ~ 52T ¥ 53,000- (+tax) 53t ~ 55T ¥ 54,000- (+tax) * Prices vary depending on the number of teeth and colors. This is the direct crank that is currently lined up in Brotures stores. Some products are decreasing, so if you have any concerns We recommend that you come to the store as soon as possible. We are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA. U-KI.
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