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Hello! ! Also rain, rain, rain ... I can't start running even though it's July. In BROTURES, usually decide on a motorcycle to about one week from delivery, As you have time, decide your bicycle during this rainy season and prepare early for summer! ! So the motorcycle introduced today is this model that even those who can ride a fixie bike for the first time can ride with confidence! ! ! ! ・ FYXATION PIXEL COMPLETE BIKE 2015 ¥ 75,000 (+Tax) The frame of this bike is made with chromoly! ! Chromoly is an abbreviation of metal called chrome molybdenum steel! This metal is lighter and stronger than iron, and it is elastic like a spring, so it can be said to be a supple metal! ! It's a bit heavier than the aluminum frame, but it's perfect for city riding because the ride is good and it doesn't break even if you hit it! ! And FYXATION PIXEL in 2015 has two types of Black and RED in the photo above! For me, I like RED with a metallic feeling like a candy red! There are few people on this color frame, so it stands out! ! ! I tried to custom only the RED handle! ! ・ Handle Nitto Bullhorn Bar ¥ 4,750 (+Tax) Changing the handle alone will change considerably from the image of the first finished car, so it is worth custom -doing! ! ! It's an important factor in choosing a fixie bike, so it's cool to customize it simple with such a thin frame! ! The thinness of this frame can be maintained only because of the strength of the chromoly! ! Of course, the rear has free gear and fixed gear on both sides so that people who can not get fixed gear can ride immediately, so you can choose! ! ! And and It is pixel introduced today, but on the day I decided at the Osaka store, You can bring it home! ! ! that's right! ! Only Pixel can be delivered immediately! ! ! Of course, only the limited number is limited, so please come to the store as soon as possible! ! ! Ayumu.
1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)