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Hello! ! ! What are the points to choose a piste bike? ? I think each person has its own preference, such as appearance, weight, and easy to ride! ! Today, I would like to write about the weight of the frame, which is often heard from customers! ! I measured it with a model that you can buy from the Leader Bikes frame! ! ! From before, ・ Leader Bikes 725TR Frame FORK SET ¥ 75,000 (+tax) ・ Leader Bikes 735TR Frame FORK SET ¥ 85,000 (+Tax) ・ Leader Bikes Renovatio Frame Set ¥ 98,000 (+Tax) ・ Leader Bikes Kagero Frame Set ¥ 98,000 (+Tax) ・ Leader Bikes EQNX Frame Set ¥ 160,000 (+Tax) All of this measurement is "M size"! ! ! First of all, ... from 725TR, ...


The average weight of the chromoly frame is 2kg, so it is light because it is an aluminum frame! ! ! And next is 735TR! ! The difference between 725TR and 735TR with questions as much as the customer asks the most questions! ! The weight is ...

1,770kg! ! !

[125g] was lighter than 725TR! ! ! You may think it's 125g, but 125g on a bicycle is very big! ! If you compare it with humans, if you succeed in dieting, you will feel lighter and cheerful. Lighter bicycles increase the athletic performance! ! ! And from here, it is the appearance of Leader Bikes's high -end model! ! First of all, from Kagero!

1,670kg! ! !

Kagero of the pashute frame on the front down! ! ! It is a favorite frame for time trials! ! It's light, so it's light! ! ! And then, the Leader Bikes U.S.A team released with Kagero It's "Renovatio" I'm riding!

1,635kg! ! !

When it comes to here

It will be a subtle difference

That's a big difference for bicycles! ! ! Now is the last model of Leader Bikes "EQNX"! !

1,570kg! !

Of course, the carbon frame is the lightest! ! ! I hope this weight can be referred to as a bike selection! ! By the way

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Please refer to the articles you wrote in! ! ! ! Then, I also measured the "DOSNOVENTA" detroit!

1,435kg! !

・ DOSNOVENTA DETROIT 2,0 Frame Set ¥ 165,000 (+tax) yes! ! light! ! ! If this lightness with an aluminum frame, this price is also convinced! ! The weight is an important point for bicycles, so custom chats, etc. Please feel free to come anytime! ! Ayumu.
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