Upgrade your bike vol.3

By the way, this Upgrade your bike series has become a little annual. I'm so excited about the English grammar of the title or not. If you make a mistake, please tell me secretly. Last time, the last time, the last time, In the first time, a customer who upgraded from 721TR to 735TR.
The second customer goes from 735TR to Detroit 2.0.
And here is your favorite car!
It is 721TR again. It's a very masculine strong custom! The wheels are now hard to get NOTORIOUS90 and AEROSPOKE!
This combination is really street. The handle also has a taste and feels the history with customers.
Saddle is my favorite spyder!
Now, what will this custom 721 change this time? 。 Don!
It was so smart! Yes, change the frame to Kagero. When the frame changes, the impression is so different. Only frame? No, no, this time it's not such a sweet thing. By the way, the bike check one two! Here are the upgraded parts with the frame.
CINELLI MASH BULLHORNBAR ¥ 17,500 (+Tax) Install CINelli Mash Bullhornbar, which has been long -awaited restock on the handle. The bold aero shape is the handle of "placing" hand rather than holding it. Various positioning unique to bullhorn is possible, and the root is more flat and literally supports cruising. Above all, cool! It is more than enough to choose this alone. And crank!
SUGINO SG75 DD 49T ¥ 53,000 (+tax) The next -generation direct crank that has dominated the world. The manager NARUMI is also used, but the attached BB is too smooth. It is comfortable as if you step on it as much as you step on it. You can experience another dimension of riding. If the crank is 75DD, it will be a treasure rotary unless it is a corresponding drive line.
This time a cogEURO ASIA SUPERSTAR ¥ 10,000 (+tax) In the chainHKK Vertex BK ¥ 2,700 (+Tax) I guess the cog is on the right of EURO ASIA. 。 I thought, from HarajukuHot newsbut. It seems that an assassin appeared in EURO ASIA, which monopolized the high -grade cog.
Ananta COG ¥ 10,800 (+tax) I can't say anything unless I look at the actual thing, but it's cool for rabbits. Is it "infinite" on Made in Taiwan? I love Samuri Champloo's Mugen, so I'm worried.
Expect to ask for it as it will arrive soon! How was this Upgrade your bike like this?
It's just a frame. I will work hard to increase the variations a little more. 。 When I write this series, everyone is enviable because they are riding a good chari. I want an aluminum frame. 。 。 This is a flag.
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