Four strengths of the Champions League are finally available. Last year's champion Real Madrid won the Madrid Derby reminiscent of the last year's final, and finally entered the best 4 Dark Horse is Juventus I'm looking forward to the fact that Alesandrodelpiero will be introduced in the 44th minute.
ALESSANDRO-DEL-PIERO --- Juventus-Serie-A_26-302
Speaking of such an Italian hose, Ferrari
Еоновый ferrari
This red that everyone is longing for at least once Oh, I have seen it somewhere ... SO!
This color that shines when you get in the summer sunshine In the United States, EMI Brown rides this color EMI has a strong white image, but choice the red from the new 735
The undercarriage is CP finish Brotures Rip Crankset. Direct torque structural truck crank, new standard that directly transmits power without power.
The handle is TNI's bullhorn bar The stem is a piststim of ZIPP made by SRAM It matches the logo feeling and the texture of black, and it is finished with a very atmosphere.
The seat post is made by Fizik, matte finish aluminum reinforced forged sheet post
The saddle is a gentle guy who can't hurt there
Installing Brotures T4 wheels on the front will increase your presence. Not only the presence but also the advantage of driving is as follows! ~ Mail order site excerpts ~ The aerodynamics of the wheels are tremendous because the wheels are twice the driving speed. If you are running at 50km/h, the aerodynamic wheel is equivalent to 100km/h. The big advantage of baton wheels is that there are few spokes. The more wheel spokes that cut the air at twice the driving speed, the higher the air resistance. In the case of baton wheels, the higher the rim height, the higher the aerodynamics and the higher the strength of the rim itself. (Of course, the weight increases accordingly.) Furthermore, because the spoke is small, the number of stirring air is reduced to the aerodynamic aerodynamics, so the air resistance is reduced, the gyro effect is created in the direction of travel, and the wheels are extremely tailwind. You can create it yourself.
The 725TR, which has a special paint like a luxury car, has a unique luxury and atmosphere different from the red bicycle in that area, so it stands out in the city. Imagine this body running in the city.
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