New stock! And restock! ZIPP -SPEED WEAPO...

The second new stock rush! Brand product development concept. Quality that sets it apart from other companies. And aggressive looks. The hottest item now! It was hot and hot before. This brand.
"ZIPP" In the repetition of the Tri -and Error The weapon for running pursued and polished Even if you look at it or use it, it will make you soak in a sense of superiority. It's a push, and one of the brands I love myself. The unpolished stem in Japan is restocked to BROTURES KICHIJOJI. ZIPP SERVICE COURSE SL STEM (BEYOND BLACK)
Again, coloring that has not arrived in Japan.
A fixie riding that many people are thoroughly sticking to one only one. Because I want to satisfy such a person's desire, For those who prefer something different from others, minority. Telling the manufacturer, he forcibly landed in Japan in the middle. The next time is not in stock, but it is endlessly undecided.
The length is 80mm, 90mm, and 100mm so that you can respond to any request. Price: ¥ 15,000 (+tax) It was not available in the previous arrival,
The longer 100mm has arrived this time. Many people use shorts 100mm that is basic in full -scale position setting Deep angle, long stem attract the fascination of the fix It is a part you want to have to bring out to the maximum. HP of Japanese agencyNot listed in If you have an anti -main stream, please definitely get it. And this time, we could only prepare for one person. You can unify the model color with the stem seat post. ZIPP SERVICE COURSE SL SEATPOST (BEYOND BLACK) 31.6mm
Compatible with oversize such as Kagero, Renovatio. It is the only seat post that can be unified with Beyond Black for both the handle and the stem. By all means, only this size of this size could be available. It is a first -come -first -served basis! Price: ¥ 16,000 (+tax)
Located on the highest -end model of aluminum in the ZIPP lineup Please experience "Service Course SL Series".
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