New Lock! Milkman Combo

Kichijoji GW new product rush 3rd! ! This time, it is an introduction of rock that can reach itchy places.
Knog Milkman Combo ¥ 3,570 (+Tax) Milkman released from Knog appears upgraded. The storage type wire lock has become quite easy to use. If you stretch it out ...
The length is up to 900mm. The photos still have the spare capacity. As you can see, the wire is a little thin. So, rather than using this as the main, we recommend that you use it as a sub -lock as the name of Combo. For example, the stolen saddle.
Surprisingly, the saddle is theft. What to hide is the victim. Although there is less damage than the body and wheels, there are things that gradually come and mental. Also, to prevent front wheels theft.
There is no worry about damaging your car because the wire is coated. In addition to the unlock button, a ratchet function is newly installed.
If you stretch it, press it, and roll it back, the wire will not be Dalundarun. The number settings are easy with one push, and the body is small so it is convenient for mobile phones! The stolen is what happens no matter how careful it is. The victim has nothing to do, but you have to protect yourself. I don't think we should neglect to reduce the probability at all. Toshi BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155 (GWS)
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