Kagero Custom Bike Check !!

Leader Bike's front down frame "Kagero" Although it was sold out temporarily, it was back in stock! Top tube
"Horizontal" is parallel to the ground "Sloping" from the handle side to the saddle side The frame where the handle is down is called "Pashute". "PURSUIT" when written in English. 。 。 A movie that was broadcast on TV the other day
pursuit of happiness
It became a hot topic in co -starring of Mr. Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith. It was a 2006 work, but it was the first time I saw it properly. Will Smith, which is growing hair, is fresh! My son is cute! Unlike the recent impressive masterpiece that makes you aim for crying The tears are heavy because they come up with reality. One night in the bathroom, the moment when all efforts are rewarded. It's always heavy when a man turns down and cry.
I sent it with PURSUIT connection. It's hard to understand. Well, I will go to the bike check! Click here for the steering area
CINELLI MASH ROAD BAR ¥ 16,000 (+tax)
ZIPP Service Course Sl Stem ¥ 15,000 (+Tax)
Overwhelmingly among the many road handles The feature is that the drop is shallow (the lower handle is near). One can enjoy the function of the drop handle.
It is also a recommended point that the upper handle is aero (flat) and easy to grasp. The stem pays attention to the angle that everyone cares about. The handle position is due to a road bike -like looks like the jaw is raised. A deep angle of 17 degrees that can make the angle parallel to the ground.
Taka is so good. 。 。 I think, I can't afford to pay attention to any detail! Do you think? It is also attractive that Black on Black has not yet arrived in Japan. The available at 80,90,100 mm will be sold out at about 3 pieces for each size. Don't forget to buy! Around the seat
Tioga Twintail ¥ 12,000 (+Tax)
ZIPP Service Course Sl Post ¥ 16,000 (+Tax)
Twin tails are prices, lightness, sitting comfort, looks. A balanced all -purpose player in all. To the left and right hips to the left and right with pedaling The new mechanism that the left and right of the saddle runs independently Functional beauty that does not fade even after a few years after its release.
The seat post is a really limited product. 31.6mm diameter corresponding to kagero, reNovtio, EQNX, Detroit, Mash, etc. The offset (setback) is a 0mm setting suitable for fixes. There should be no black on black seat post, but it is in stock. I want you to install it together with the stem! Strongly! Wheels
BROTURES T4 CARBON WHEEL Front ¥ 95,000 (+tax)
H Plus Son TB-14 (The Box) Hands wheel ¥ 18,000 (+tax) ~
Carbon wheels are carbon wheels for the running comfort at the front desk. The sound of the baton while running can only be heard by the rider It is a sense of superiority that only the owner can taste. The weight is almost the same as Hed. H3 clincher. Actually, cospa is high. A wheels that mechanics are hand -assembled on the rear.
You can order by "rim + hub + spoke + wage". In this case Rim "H Plus Son The Box" ¥ 7,000 (+Tax) Hub "CyCroc Track Hub" ¥ 5,000 (+Tax) Spoke "DT Swiss" ¥ 3,000 (+tax) It will be a wage of ¥ 3,000 (+tax)! Feel free to consult about custom orders. For the crank
Select Sugino 75DD Black. It is also possible to upgrade the BB, and SUGINO genuine is also good. Pursuing the streets and pistiness
There is no doubt that you choose "PHILWOOD". Slimy rotational, different from ceramic. A strong structure that is transmitted when picked up. Please take it in your hand at the store. You will pass it to the mechanic and install it.
Kagero Full Custom Bike ¥ 357,780 (+Tax) Kagero can be available from ¥ 195,000 (+tax) at COMPLETE BIKE! With this custom bikeUse "Cedinalone"of Please refer to the simulation here.
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The most pleasant time to run, Events such as rides vary for each store! Let's enjoy a fixie bike together!
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