735TR for Gangsta!

After all, it's really fun when I want to ride like this and think about a motorcycle. I can't actually ride because it's an exhibition, but I'm very excited. I like the time I decide on various themes in myself and do not. So the custom bike I make may have a slightly stronger taste. This is a custom if I ride 735TR! is. It is a story about the last few days or motivation.
LEADER BIKES 735TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 170,000 (+tax)~ It was a very luxurious custom. I'm going to stick to a little details. Here are some points and introduce them! Part 1!
Brooks Swallow Chrome ¥ 24,600 (+Tax) A leather saddle that is often seen to match the thin chromoly frame. It is ant to install it on a thick aero frame like 735.
I imagine a little wal. The calm and cool appearance is the key point, but the leisure saddle is not there. The leather extends to the owner's butt, so it's ridiculously comfortable! There is no room for the buttocks to hurt. Part 2!
H Plus Son x PHILWOOD CUSTOM WHEEL ¥ 44,800 (+Tax) I tried to assemble the PHIL SLR that arrived in GW.
The rim can be carbon, but personally, I want to match aluminum rims in PHIL. It is a tough wheel that can withstand any hard riding on the street. Above all, this shine!
I want to picar every day. And this rare wheel at the front! !
BLB notorious03 ¥ 84,000 (+tax) There is only one in stock for this wheel, cancellation! There is no future stock! It is a first -come -first -served basis! Speaking of baton wheels, this will be restocked tomorrow.
BROTURES T3 WHEEL ¥ 90,000 (+tax) 3 baton wheels dropped by BROTURES. This time, the rear is also a new lineup! As before, it is expected to be sold out immediately, so please here as soon as possible! With that kind of feeling, it turned round, but my fangs haven't been pulled out yet. I imagined something like that, so I tried that title.
By the way, here is the simulation when loan payment of this custom.
Screenshot 2015-05-21 18.50.48
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