recommendation! Setup of the drive line!

Good evening. This is JUNKI. The weekend glue pride was fun to have many people participate! thank you very much!
I ran from Yokohama to Tokyo, eventually from Mitaka for a long time. It was a little bit crazy, but the pist is good. smile I was so sorry that I couldn't run. I have to step on it. 。 I will do my best. 。 。 I am a lazy person while thinking I wonder if I can enjoy it and run quickly. I'm thinking. yes! Chari is specs! Let the money say something! This is my conclusion. Is it? 。
In any case, it is true that custom bicycles can be specified by customization, and it is also true that you can get a higher quality running. In particular, I want you to be concerned with the driving lift -consisting of cranks, cogs, and chains that affect running.
The custom of the drive line is often expensive as a carbon wheel with a total amount. 。 The world is painful. 。 If you are holding your wallet like me, you can't fail! Let's secretly introduce a setup that is definitely for those who can't fail today! First of all, this is the crank!
SUGINO SG75 DD ¥ 52,000- A direct drive released with Sugino, which has a lineup of NJS -approved drives (cranks, BB, chain rings, cogs, etc.), a bicycle race standard. "Direct drive" is used using the NJS approved crank "SG75" body. Originally, Sugino has been researched by direct drive with road components. It is a crank if you combine the technologies cultivated on bicycle racing and loading.
I only hear the good rumors that the staff actually used.
It is also a nice point that this crank and chain ring are also equipped with high -spec items as standard.
A torque type geralmimine bolt is also used for the 5 -pin that stops the crank and chain ring. The price is not cheap, but the cospa is pretty good! This is definitely the crank! Next, the gears and cogs behind
Let's make this guy with SUGINO! SUGINO GIGAS NJS TRACK COG ¥ 10,080- Normal cogs often use chromoly, This cog is a gigas alloy, a nano tissue high strength and ultra -plastic arminium alloy, to achieve a surprising lightness. Furthermore, titanium coating is applied to the surface to improve wear resistance and good chain. Let's make the cog into this. Finally, the chain.
IZUMI SUPER TOUGHNESS ¥ 5,500- Who called A.K.A decisive battle
Of course it is an NJS certified chain. As the name suggests, the chain used by bicycle racers here. Is it just the king of the chain? NJS certification, Japan Bicycle Promotion Association, of course, used by track racing competitors around the world, many of the athletes used at the London Olympics won medals. The trust of street users is also strong, and the main reason is durable. Compared to the low -priced chain of IZUMI, the strength is tripled. We recommend that you install it because it is a fixie that tends to put a burden on the chain with a skid. How was it? Of course, we also have carefully selected parts other than today. If you are not satisfied with your drive line, please feel free to contact us! see you. Junki
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