I'm finally approaching tomorrow. Lake Yamanaka Ride! I'm looking forward to the weather! Actually, it is a secret that I forgot a while ago. Today we are introducing a slightly bitter custom bike.
If you customize the entry model CURE so far, it will be dignified somewhere. Let's close up immediately.
Control Tech One MTB BAR ¥ 3,800 (+Tax) The handle is an unprecedented riser and a flat bar boom, so a relatively rising MTB bar is cut a little longer. If you say something like Meha, it's like an American messenger.
It may not be the case in the picture, but the handle width is actually slightly longer than the shoulder width. This is a stable and easy to ride on the upper body. The saddle is a guy who wants to be customized recently.
Brooks Swallow Chrome ¥ 24,600 (+Tax) Leather saddle that is easy to match with modern and classic. I don't think there is something that gives such a luxurious impression with saddles alone. BROOKS grown to the owner's ass guarantees the comfort that is hard to replace. How about a combination of wheels?
H Plus Son ST-25 × CYCROC Custom Wheel ¥ 13,500 (+Tax)
BROTURES T4 Rear ¥ 99,500 (+Tax) Install the restocked T4 on the rear. The refreshing look is not selected by the full carbon baton wheel. Although it is not as good as T3, there will be something that can be worn at a glance. At the front, there are Archetype and the strongest Cycroc Hub hand -set wheels from H Plus Son. This rim with a cheap, light, high -precision triple beat, a satisfactory wheel from beginner to expert.
I personally like this HLH. Black and polish are also classic and cool, but I want to choose a color that is nothing else here. This time, I chose the yellow of MICHELIN PRO4 for the color.
MICHELIN PRO4 ENDURANCE \ 6, It is a popular PRO series for pop color variations, but its intention is a race tire. His ability is one of the three giant clincher tires. Rolling, lightness, and grip are all first -class products. You will suspect yourself whether it will change with tires so far. Think of being deceived and use it once. You will be addicted. How about this custom like this? I don't usually attach a pedal or brake to the exhibition cars that are frequently replaced in parts, but this time I attached a pedal strap.
XPEDO XMX15MC00 ¥ 8,000 (+Tax)
Brotures Original Leather Strap CAMO ¥ 7,500 (+Tax) This is this combination key point. I think that if you put one point casually at your feet, it is a fashionable Otsu. Why don't you make your own custom bike if you want to assemble it?
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