Recommended test drive!

What kind of bicycle is a fixie bike Honestly, I don't get very close to hear the explanation! What is a fix? The person. Such troubles are all about "test drive"! "Can you stop your feet unlike ordinary bicycles?" You can't understand the feeling that your feet do not stop unless you experience it. Please take a test drive for a bicycle of the first genre you ride!
It's okay to ride, but the sidewalk is slow. 。 。 It's not fun, so Please jump out of the store and run a little freely! It's not a rental, so I'm in trouble if I get around for one day, The riding of the piste and the sense of speed without any irregularities Please taste it freely as you like. Even if you don't know the road of Kichijoji, you can feel safe, here is a recommendation.
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It feels like going around Gururi and Kichijoji Kita -cho right -handed from the shop. It should be just right to try it because it is 1.5 kg! If you don't need that distance, it's OK to turn back where you want. Please feel free to guide the route while watching the map at the store!
Basically, I recommend "I can't stop my feet = fixed gear = fixie bike"!
You can also test drive on "Stop your feet = free gear = so -called ordinary bicycle"
I want to ride free at that time! Please do not hesitate to say! It is a school route for female college students along the Gokkaichi Kaido Don't look away, please take a test drive! You can fix bicycles, but injuries are not specialized!
Please feel free to come to play! BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155
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