Mandatory item for fixes!

This is often seen when watching a person on the fix.
It may be an unfamiliar part for those who have never been riding, but if you do not have this, there is a difference in how to enjoy the fixie. This part, such as "strap" and "power strap", can be rowed not only on pedals, but also on pull -ups, so there is a big difference on slopes and running. So why is this strap is important in the fix? That's because it is indispensable for pisted tricks. Is it "skid" if it's the most popular thing?

A trick that slides on this back wheel, which appears around 39 seconds of DOSNOVENTA RUNS NEW YORK CITY.


This strap is often indispensable for piste tricks such as this.

However, this part market is not very demand and lacks diversity.

Often, there is no design that I like. 。

So I made it! !


Brotures Original "Leather Strap"

By leather craftsmen with reliable technology acknowledged by BROTURES A strap made by hand one by one, with a thorough work. The lineup is Black of "Otoko" written as Han.
BROTURES ORIGINAL LEATHER STRAP BLACK ¥ 6,500 (+tax) BROWN where leather grows with the owner.
Brotures Original Leather Strap Brown ¥ 6,500 (+Tax) A Japanese -Western eclectic CAMO dyed in Kyo Yuzen.
Brotures Original Leather Strap CAMO ¥ 7,500 (+Tax) Isn't it a cool motorcycle, but only your feet are neglected? There is a big difference in quality depending on how much you are particular about the details. Fashion is from your feet. Toshi BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155
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