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Hello! No, hot days continue! I want to eat beer from the daytime on such a day !! Bottle beer to drink at soba shop is the strongest. "This is Japan !!!" It's even better if you take a walk on a bicycle lightly in the morning! ! Certainly Ken Shimura also said, but you have to build a healthy body to drink good sake! It sounds. I'm sorry I only thought about what to drink even though it was a Toma Chari shop !! I have been refraining recently. It seems like my memory goes somewhere without permission ... please let me know if you are somewhere. By the way, "This is Japan !!!" Made in Japan !!!
Hubs in Stock !!!!!!!!! ! First here "Light
Greddy Track Hub "Light" Ver Front ¥ 16,000 (+tax) Color/ BK. CRHOME. Red. Greddy Track Hub "Light" Ver Rear ¥ 18,000 (+tax) Color/ CrHome. Red. Green. Blue. The color has increased! ! ! This beautiful shape, color, irresistible! ! ! Moreover, the accuracy and rotation are perfect ... With this quality and this price! ! A hatred guy that is easy on your wallet! ! Putting the colors in the Hub is easy to style, so I personally like it! ! ! The image looks like this!
And commonly known as "Mohawk" "Mohawk"
Greddy Track Hub "MOHAWK" Front ¥ 22,000 Color/ Red This is also very impactful! The other dayblogI gave it, but I received an interesting order on this HUB, so please take a look for your reference! ! ! And more new treasured children ”Revolver
Greddy Revolver Hub Rear ¥ 20,000 (+Tax) This guy came! For the time being, it looks half -finished! ! It looks like this from the side.
It's a lie. Here it is.
Completely revolver! If you're a man, you don't have to react! The excitement of picking up a gas gun for the first time is revived. What a noisy! The rotation looks like thisRotating video how is it? ? The feeling that the flesh is turned around and there is a gap, and it is amazing! ! If you are worried, please pick it up at the store and turn it around! You should be surprised! We are doing it for free, such as consultation with wheel groups and estimates, so please come and visit us! ! ! Mazda
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