Kagero Middle Spec Custom!

Have you already checked the blog of Chrome's T -shirt yesterday? Immediately Junki and I were ghet! Narumi -san bought two pieces lol As soon as it is very popular! By the way, today is my favorite frame in Leader Bikes.
Leader Bikes Kagero Complete Bike ¥ 195,000 (+Tax) ~ Leader Bike's high -end model Kagero. This frame has many fans not only for me but also in the staff. It is an aggressive visual, but it is a very well -balanced obedient guy. This time, the coloring has been renewed after a new minor change. The topic was this JAPAN Limited Phantom Pearle.
but! I personally want to recommend a regular color mithril Silver!
Because it's Mithril. The name alone is quite strong. I installed a luxurious part while keeping the price low and set up one.
Leader Bikes Kagero Middle Spec Custom! ¥ 231,500 (+Tax) It is summarized with a calm component so that the beautiful frame stands out. The accuracy does not compromise even if the price is reduced. The handle is luxuriously used for carbon bully horn.
DEDA DABAR ¥ 25,300 (+tax) Its weight about 170g! The lighter around the front will make the uphill more comfortable and a quick ride. But DABAR is not just light. The biggest attraction lies in its shape. There should be many people who have become captivated by this handle that looks nice no matter where you hold it. Especially here!
This is the Tamaran part of DABAR. It is a handle that promises handling improvement and comfortable riding. If the steering wheel is lightweight, the saddle will be a guy!
Selle San Marco Aspide Racing ¥ 18,400 (+Tax) The lightest model of a long -established saddle maker in Italy, which has a history of 80 years. The Racing series is located in the entry model, but the weight is almost different from DABAR. The great thing about ASPIDE is that it has such a lightweight but well -pad. It is the gift of the wisdom and technology cultivated in the many years of saddles. And this combination that is excellent in cospa on the wheel!
H Plus Son Archetype × CYCYROC HUB Completion Wheel Set ¥ 36,000 (+Tax) This price is quite exceptional with the wheels of the hand group. Of course it is included. Because it is a hand group, the price does not change even if you choose the hub or rim color. Despite the low price, the rim is lightweight, high accuracy, and the rotation of the hub is very smooth. Speaking of custom wheels with good cospa, there is no doubt in this setup! It was a custom bike with a total of ¥ 231,500 (+tax).
By the way, here is the simulation when a loan is made with this custom.
Screenshot 2015-06-06 17.49.23
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