Paul Road Crank "Royal Flush"

USA has arrived with a popular crank set than Paul. Royal Flush. As the name suggests, the cranks are beautifully engraved with CNC technology, and unparalleled cranks. The sharpened processing technology creates high -precision modeling. No. 2024 for the crank arm and 7075 for the chain ring. The aluminum material that has been excluded can be used properly and the maximum weight reduction is achieved by using it properly. Some people may say that bicycles are not fashion. But I don't want to wear a bad part, but I don't want to wear it. He will be with such a selfishness. With technology and playfulness, it coexists the supreme accuracy and design. Parts that you just want to wear. That is the fascinating component created by Paul. Paul The founder, Paul Price, is a genuine motorcycle enthusiast who has been working at a motorcycle shop until college since high school. "Functionality, durability, lightweight, beauty" This is his parts development standard. Making use of the bike sense cultivated for many years, it creates a good product at your own pace without being abolished. Paul Road Crank ¥ 37,000- A genuine street truck crank, the long -awaited restock.
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BROTURES's pleasant fellow Jason himself shakes his arms. He appeared in the PR movie, which was the decisive factor in the Tokyo Olympics invitation of the Tanrei Grain Label's "Green!" Everyone will be able to get to know it because it is a very friendly and friendly personality. By the way, please be assured that it is Japanese fluent.
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