Leader Bike 735 Tr Comprete "Red" can be ...

Hello. This is JUNKI. The other day, LEADER BIKE has received a flagship model 725TR and 735TR, and it's crowded. Actually, depending on the color and size, there are some types that have few arrivals, so if you are thinking about it now, you should use Narhaya. I'm thinking. It's the rainy season even if you buy it now. If you think like that, you can't get rid of it when you want to ride, so you can't be unhappy. It is easy to recommend from this time. So, the main subject, but unfortunately, the 735TR spot color and RED were not included in this arrival. 。 It is the most impactful frame in the Leader Bike lineup, so I guess some people were aiming. Red is red but slightly deeper. It is a gross -finished frame with fine flakes. It is a color that shines well in smoothing like a monocoque frame unique to the 7 series. I don't say anything that I don't like, but in fact there is one in Kichijoji! And the size is M! There is a size frame that hits those who can ride with a good probability! In addition, the finished car is finished in a state where it can be delivered immediately. ComponentsDEDA, Selle Italia, Sugino It is definitely a package that has adopted famous parts manufacturers from Japan and overseas. of courseYesterday's blogAnts even if you have a handle custom introduced in! You can customize it according to your use and your favorite looks. It depends on the busyness of the mechanic that day, but you can also give it on the same day after customizing. By all means for this opportunity!
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