Customer's Bike Check! "Soma Rush"

I will introduce a wonderful motorcycle of our customers now! In a good way, it was finished in custom that is not like Brotures. I ordered SOMA RUSH of the Kichijoji store recommended! We had khaki green in an adult custom full of playful. The miso is a landner bike taste and a 1 -inch head and a modern impression. This motorcycle, which was assembled without compromise, shows the owner's commitment everywhere. For the handle, choose the Nitto Landner handle that I also use. It is a strange shape that is not very familiar, as if your shoulder rises and drops outside, but this is easy to use. In the first place, it is important to be as hard as possible because Landner is a very long -distance race. I wrapped a brooks leather bar tape honey on that handle. It's perfect for the frame. It is a bar tape that is looking forward to the process that tastes as you use it and gets astringent. Speaking of which, it seems that the popularity of bracket brakes has been ignited in Harajuku recently. It seems that the manager of the store manager has also renewed. Isn't it anymore? 。 It looks like the five greats and is cool. Kichijoji also piggybacked a little and attached such a bracket. Choose brown so as not to impair the appearance. Even the same bracket is completely different. You can see your commitment casually on the wheel. It's a simple wheel, but if you look closely. 。 The hub is the green of GREDDY HUB LIGHT. It's a good color. Personally, I think the hub can be added to my favorite colors. So this is the rim. 713 of ARAYA, which is excellent in cospa. And the spoke is HOSHI. That's right! I don't know well. This is all Japanese manufacturers. It doesn't matter if you don't care, but it's important to be particular about yourself. That's why I'm facing a bicycle. Paul arrived in the crank for the first time in a long time. It's a beautiful crank that you can sigh no matter how many times you look at it. This item purified by CNC uses a different material between the arm section and the chain ring. Improvement of power transmission is used in the arm club, especially hard aluminum material And the chain ring is metal that adds lightness to the material, not only design but also functionality. As I have seen various items, this shaved playing card pattern is a gem I longed for forever. Sara! Look at the pedal at the end of the crank. 。 I came out, MKS's Supreme pedal. This pedal, which is also used for bicycle races, is characterized by a mild ride than existing Royal Nuvo and Custom Nuvo. The smoothness of the bearing that you can do when you pick it up. 。 As the name suggests, Supreme (finest). Finally, the saddle is the one to match the handle! The nickname of King of Saddle is not Date. First of all, please be patient for 3 months. After that is heaven. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a saddle that suits everyone because the leather grows according to the owner's buttocks. Like the bar tape, it is a saddle that can be used for a long time to enjoy changes due to aging. I can't deny the feeling of talking too much. I'm usually silent, but I talk too much when I like it, and I'm aware that it's a typical communal disorder. Well, I didn't care about me, but this time I had the opportunity to challenge various new things. It is a novel and valuable experience for us to be able to make something brand new, which is different from usual. That's a great pleasure, and this is a kick and I will work hard to make a more attractive proposal. I would like to thank everyone who gave us various opportunities, not just this time. thank you very much! ! I will do my best as much as possible, so thank you as usual. Toshi BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155
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