This logo has special emotions for San Francisco bike enthusiasts and only fixes. [YouTube][/youtube] Mash is charismatic and idol. I was a teenager in Hiroshima and started riding on this video. In a decade ago, it would be an old story soon, but every time you look at the Mash logo, you will feel the feeling of stepping on the pedal for the first time. It's exaggerated, but the coolness doesn't fade. I would like to tell you about the special being. CINELLI MASH BULLHORN ¥ 17,500- The collaboration handle of such Mash and Italian long -established manufacturers has been restocked. Thoroughly built aero -sodium, a large engraved CINelli logo. The bold design that you can't imitate will always entertain us without fading. Another reason is that it is easy to use, contrary to a novel look. From the top to the shoulder, it is easy to do dancing and so on. The part at hand is ideal for cruising with the image of gently placing your palm. Because it is imported from overseas, it is a handlebar that is inevitably sold out so that you can not get it unless the timing is right. CINELLI MASH DROPBAR ¥ 16,000- This handle is also coming in. 7050 T6 Profile based on anxieties using aluminum 2 amm material We promise comfort in a wide range of genres such as roads, cyclocross, and piste bikes. The design is also impressive with a bold CINelli logo like a bullhorn bar. Because it is printed with gray, it gives a more calm impression than a bullhorn. By the way, this is the handle I use! The steering wheel is often changed, but Mash Drop has hardly changed for about a year and a half. There is no part that cannot be grasped! I guess it's just a good handle, such as a drop amount or reach. Please come to the store because it is in stock at the store! Junki
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