SOMA FARICATIONS, where Kichijoji store selects independently. Among them, RUSH, which is not in Japan, is Hitoshi. SOMA RUSH U.S. EXCLUSIVE FRAEM SET ¥ 79,000 (+tax) Last time, I was a little classic, called Traditional Track Style. Today, we will introduce it in the opposite custom, despite the theme of Modern Track Style! SOMA RUSH SHRED88 Custom Bike ¥ 299,000 (+Tax) This time, I used carbon parts for luxury and hardened the outline with black. Tamarimasen is a carbon diprim gap on the chromoly frame. Installed the popular SHRED WHEEL on the wheel. BROTURES SHRED88 CARBON WHEEL ¥ 55,000 (+Tax) TANGE PRESTIGE, which is used in the RUSH frame pipe, is a material that is characterized by a lightness like a chromoly. Furthermore, if the carbon wheels are spurred, it is another dimension. It is outstanding even if you put it in an aero frame like Leader, but even if you put it in a thin frame, the wheel will stand even more. Carbon is not only light, but also has excellent absorption of micro vibration, so it is also recommended for parts where the body is directly contacted. This time for the saddle. TNI BLACK FEATHER ¥ 18,500 (+Tax) The sufficient amount of pads because it is carbon may be a shortcut to solving your ass trouble. Above all, the price is that price. If you look for a full carbon saddle under another company brand, the price is around 30,000. I can't despise the specifications just because it's reasonable. Speaking of this custom point, wheels are the main, but I would like you to pay attention to bar tape. I wrapped this around the NITTO aluminum NJS handle. Cambium Tape ¥ 6,000 (+tax) Organic cotton bar tape used for Cambium saddle. There is no cushioning character, but it has toughness that can withstand hard riding on the street. There is no doubt that the unique feel will be addictive! I like chromoly frames because they can be used in any way. Mild and sticky riding than aluminum will be a bicycle that can be dated for a long time and for a long time. How to assemble and ride are ten colors. A genuine, free. How do you get along with this frame? Toshi BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155
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