Take it home on the same day!

It's so hot. Please come to the cola on such a day! It's solid, but it would be nice to ride a bicycle on such a nice day. If I'm not a job, I feel like I want to ride a little far. However, it is good news for those who do not have a bicycle, only mamachari.

At Kichijoji, you can take all the cars at the store on the same day! !

Not only various completed cars of LEADER BIKES Even high -end models to CINELLI and longing Dosnoventa And SOMA of New Face! There are many other things! Originally, it has been around a week since the purchase. If it is a finished car, all parts are separated once, preparation, grease, etc. However, Kichijoji can be delivered on the same day because everyone is a mechanic! However, it will be limited to those with stock at stores, and it will take some time to check the brakes and the final confirmation of the assembly. We recommend visiting the store with a margin. I thought, but good day! Please feel free to contact us! Toshi BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155 kichijoji@brotures.com
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