Rush one after another!

Kichijoji's recommended RUSH! In addition, we have introduced a new custom. This time, I added a little arrangement to the basis of this custom. SOMA RUSH "Traditional Track Style" ¥ 208,000 (+tax) SOMA RUSH STREET RIZER CUSTOM ¥ 215,000 (+tax) The atmosphere has changed! But only three parts have been changed. First here! Nitto B2360AA ¥ 3,500 (+Tax) After all, the handle has a big impression because it is the face of a bicycle. Exquisite rise and setback on wise with shoulder width. Like RUSH, good things are good at any time! It is one of the handles that has to nod. And the two places in the subsequent changes are tires. MICHELIN PRO4 SC ¥ 7,200 (+Tax) Clincher is a race tire that plays a corner of the three major giants. "Tires change fuel economy" is not a certain commercial, but you will even feel impressed that it will be so smooth. Rolling resistance and cringing grips are first -class products! However, we recommend installing on the front because it is inferior to wear resistance compared to the same three major giant GRAND PRIX 4000SⅡ! The coloring of the side wall is also the right color. This time, I chose RED according to the color of the RUSH head patch. This is this if you don't want to compromise at all! How was it? If the parts change even in only three places, it is a completely different bicycle. The interesting thing about the fixes is that a small change has a significant effect due to a simple structure. It is not only looks as well as looks but also in ride comfort. Until you are convinced, it's not a good idea to try and error that it's not. It is simple because it is simple. Maybe it's not completed. Toshi BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155
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