Difficult to stolen.

No matter how much the technology develops, no matter how much the technology develops, it is theft that happens. It is not allowed, but these must be responsible for the owner. After becoming a victim, it's too late. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely prevent them. Still, even if it is not established, it should not neglect to reduce its probability. One of the most effective means for theft is the Earth Rock+Double Rock. Locking the building and the frame to prevent the bicycle from being taken away. However, this is not enough. Some of you may have high -end parts. Even it can be a significant target. It is also new to remember that Mr. A of a certain Y store was stolen only CORIMA and SHRED WHEEL. That's why you need to protect parts and wheels mainly with double locks. I have said that only the saddle has been stolen, so it is an exaggeration to say that two are enough. However, it is a reality that if you try to buy a solid rock, it will be quite good. According to one theory, 10 % of the body amount should be invested in rock. Certainly, the rock is stolen and stolen, and it falls over. That said, many people are reluctant to buy a number of expensive locks. The introduction has become longer, but we have prepared such a lock for those who have such a dilemma. Abus Ultra mini + Loop Cable ¥ 6,720 ( + tax) Germany is a set of U -shaped locks and loop cables from ABUS, a global key maker. Even if you hold it in your hand, this size is excellent in portability. If you have one, you can cover most of the body. And above all, the price. If you buy it separately Ultra mini ¥ 5,200 (+tax)+Loop Cable ¥ 2,600 (+tax) = ¥ 7,800 (+tax) It's a bargain. Just because it's cheap doesn't sacrifice strength. Both rock and cable belong to the 15 -level security level specified by ABUS and the middle -level EXTRA SECYRITY. It would be difficult for an amateur first to destroy it. Even if you look at SNS such as Instagram, sadly, the theft information will flow on a daily basis. These are a corner of the iceberg, and you can't imagine the whole picture. Of course, you only have to protect your car. I can't regret. Later festival. Theft is not the victim, but why not be aware that it doesn't cause it? Toshi BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155 kichijoji@brotures.com
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