[Column] US kicking ball

I would like to take a break here in a column that is completely related to Chari. This is Toshi. I'm going to sandwich such a super personal tweet. Today is about soccer. No, I'm surprised. Pillo is transferred to NYFC. Even though it is exciting with Villa and Lampard, it is hot, New York. The transfer of Gerrard has been decided not only in NYFC but also in MLS as a whole, and in the opening round, Villa VS Kaka has been realized. 。 Beckham and Henri are gaining momentum while retiring. The transfer of a player who has passed the peak to a minor league is often ridiculed as a transfer money or a nursing home, but what about it? In particular, MLS is called a barren area of ​​soccer, but here's a recent trend, there is room for correction. Players who have been greeted as such a legend also have a role as an advertising tower, and must conclude not only individuals but also teams. The annual salary is lower than before, and if you think about such pressure, I think that it is a choice that you will not easily encounter. But if the United States is serious about soccer, the power map will definitely change. Sports power is not weak to do seriously. In fact, girls have already reigned at the top of the world. Anyway, it's lonely that my generation's idols will disappear from the front one after another, but I'm really looking forward to what they will leave in the next generation. It has been rumored that Barotelli's transfer to Orlando has been rumored, and unexpectedly, MLS changes may be right. Conclusion: I really want to play soccer. Toshi
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