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Actually, trying to write this blog, the introduction has become too long. Speaking of the birthplace of soccer, England! Speaking of England, BROOKS! I was thinking about it. Today, we introduce leather saddles on this royal road at the store! A long -established saddle maker that has been in business for over 140 years. The unchanged manufacturing method and quality first philosophy have been providing items that are indispensable for bicycle history since its inception. This time, I will focus on these three types, popular. First of all, this guy. BROOKS TEAM PRO CHROME ¥ 18,600 (+Tax) This series of classic sports models was used for most motorcycles in past Tour de France. In addition, one of the attractions is the rich color variation despite the leather saddle. The color of MROON at the store is chestnut color, but it is more reddish and a burgundy -like color. One of the characteristics of TEAM PRO CHROME is one by one by craftsmen. It seems that there are only two craftsmen who can hit this copper tack, and there are only two people in the world. 。 Next is this. Brooks Swift Chrome ¥ 20,000 (+Tax) Road/MTB model. The design with the side from the Team Pro series above fits any motorcycle regardless of the model. This is the saddle I want the most now. The last is this guy. Brooks Swallow Chrome ¥ 24,600 (+Tax) A pioneer saddle for road racing saddles made in 1937. The bold side cut will match any bicycle regardless of classic or modern. It has a unique structure that connects left and right leather at the bottom of the saddle and prevents the leather tension and the shape of the leather. And there is also a recommended item of such a BROOKS. BROOKS MT10 Multi Tool ¥ 5,400 (+Tax) Lightweight and compact multi tools. Equipped with 10 practical tools. Like the saddle, you can select a three -color leather cover. If you have one such small tool set, it will help you with sudden accidents and small settings on the go. Isn't it better to be a cool tool? BROOKS is a relatively expensive brand, but there is a reason for it. Experience and knowledge cultivated for 140 years, a solid technology inherited by craftsmen. It is a complaint that it is too expensive for the work that can be called a condensed art without compromising. It is not the spirit of the Japanese mourning god in Japan for a long time, but it may be universal. Toshi BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155
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