T19 EVENT & "T19 × How I Roll Two-Four

Hello, this is Natsuka who came back from Vietnam. Most of the Vietnam bicycle market is a moped motorcycle. The rest is a taxi Everything was mamachari. There was not much graffiti and there were few stickers.
However, there was not much dirt peculiar to Asia, and the rice was delicious!
Yesterday I returned to Japan and went to a skate event at T19 in Miyashita Park. It looks like Genki -kun won the second event! It seems that the balance was 700 yen and it was saved to receive the prize money.
T19 members such as KIX are all gathered
Akeem's DJ.
T19 x How I Roll "Two-Four" is the topic of T19! Now you can test drive at BROTURES! Last time sold out by reservation. The long -awaited New Color is released. If you want, you need to make a reservation. Please contact us as you can make a reservation until October 29 at BROTURES! "T19 x How I Roll Two-Four Chrome" ¥ 77,700
"T19 x How I Roll Two-Four Navy" ¥ 75,600
The content of the version is further upgraded.
The tires have been changed to "DURO", which has a good raw rubber on the side. Unification of parts other than the frame to silver, In addition, it is finished in an old taste by making the rim into polished! Other stem, seat clamp, The chain ring is adjusted to the body color. 8 days to end the reservation at BROTURES! Please hurry. We also have this! T19 × SDG USA ¥ 9,870
T19 Color Custom Bike
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