XPEDO Mountain Pedal in Stock

Hello! I will write a blog after a long time. Nori. I liked American Muscle, but I want an old Japanese car ... I want this car. I was hit by the back of this car ... If you ask what you want most now, you will definitely answer this! smile Well, aside from that. There are other places that are not customized. by bicycle! smile It's a pedal! Some customers use the sticky pedals, but I feel that many people are not custom. So, I tried to get recommended pedals for customers who do not customize the pedal. That's here. XPEDO XMX26MC BK ¥ 11,200 (OUT TAX) XPEDO XMX26MC OIL SLICK ¥ 16,500 (OUT TAX) how is it? The BK has a MATT finish. Because the pins bite into the shoes, even if you step in, your feet will not come off from the pedal, so you will be able to convey all your power when you step on. This pin can be replaced, so it can be used for a long time. I personally like Oil Slick, which is not BK! I will buy it if no one buys! smile This dal is made of aluminum, so it has a strong rigidity and has a light specification. Moreover, the pedal strap is also passed, so it is recommended for those who use straps on a fixie riding! Bearing also uses shield bearings, so it can be used easily because garbage is hard to enter. For example, it would be interesting to put OIL SLICK in the color with one point. It looks like a carola color called by car! The color looks different depending on the angle of light, so please take a look at the store! Please contact us if you are interested in other colors. Nori
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