Leader Bikes Kagero Street Custom!

Hello! I'm waiting for a nice day, but I'm already losing to the summer sunshine. smile By the way, today we introduce Kagero's custom! What do you think? ! It is a custom with the aluminum rim and the GREDDY hub on the front and rear! It's a custom that tells you how to get around how tough! The wide riser has a good feeling with a good feeling. It is an impression that you are going to run NYC or something with a really big messenger bag. Front, rear rim H Plus Son AT-25 ¥ 7,000 (+Tax) Front hub GREDDY LIGHT VER ¥ 16,000 (+Tax) Rearhab GREDDY LIGHT Ver ¥ 18,000 (+Tax) Front tire TUFO CALIBRA Rear Tire Continental Gatorskin ¥ 5,500 (+Tax) For the rims before and after, archetype from HPLSU SON! A combination of MADE IN JAPAN's GREDDY hub that has a good balance and a well -balanced rim high in the logo and a well -balanced rim. There may be no wheels that will show more performance without the price! Seat post THOMSON Elite ¥ 8,400 (+tax) Saddle FIZIK ANTARES R3 Carbon Rail ¥ 24,450 (+Tax) THOMSON X FIZIK around the buttocks! Choose the carbon rail Antares for the saddle. Because it is a very light setting, I think that the burden will be difficult even on long -distance rides! Handle KCNC Pampant Riserbar ¥ 5,200 (+Tax) Stem Zipp Service Course Black Edition ¥ 15,000 (+Tax) The area around the handle is unusual. In Japan, a logo that is only available at Broturs chooses BLACK's ZIPP Service Coursestem. A riser bar with a wide and solid body. Crank Arm Sugino 75 Crank Arm BK ¥ 26,000 (+Tax) Chain Ring Sugino Zen CHAINRING BK 49T ¥ 13,600 (+Tax) Chain HKK Vertex Black ¥ 2,700 (+Tax) A 75 Messenger Crank for the crank! Sugino is a topic on DD, but the latest technology is evil! By all means. I'm sorry SUGINO. By the way, this loan is a loan for paying 24 times in 2 years! It is about 14,000 yen per month! It is cheaper than your mobile phone. 。 smile Please come to see it because it is currently on display at the store! We are waiting for you! Adatch yokohama@brotures.com 045-413-7875
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