It's mizu! ! It's really hot today. It's better than the rain continues, but it's a bit too hot (laughs) I feel like going in the pool! ! I'm going to go to the pool this year on holidays (laughs) However, since this week, my family business is busy, so it was only after that. By the way, today I customized it using Pixel of FYXATION. This time, I tried to make a look -oriented, rather than running. First of all, it looks like this. Even with the finished car, the slim frame can be riding in classic and cool. However, just a little custom changes so much. FYXATION PIXEL AEROSPOKE CUSTOM ¥ 131,700 How about? ? After all, just playing with it, the impression changes considerably! ! Let's look at custom parts. The first thing you looked at is Aerospoike. When I started riding a fix, it was a longing wheel. Cool things after many years are cool! ! This price is quite advantageous with baton wheels. Although it is weighing, the durability and looks are outstanding. Since it has just arrived, it is still in stock, but if it is sold out, the next arrival is really undecided. And the other one was the handle. I customized it from a riser bar to a bullhorn and was more conscious of running. Buruhorn is a handle that is more likely to be leaning forward than riser. In addition, there are multiple handles, so it is a handle that is suitable for long rides such as changing positions. And it's too cheap to be able to customize at this price! ! Please refer to it. How was it? ? This Light custom! ! Recently, there were a lot of high -spec customs, so this time I finished it like this. If you are worried, please feel free to contact us as we will respond as much as possible according to the customer's wishes. Please once again Mizu
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