Good evening! The rainy season is finally over, the weather is too good and it's very good! I woke up in the morning and listened to this for the time being! It's perfect like today, and it's Kimochi Eeeeeeeee! ! ! So, after a long time, I said, "Okay! Let's go with Chari!", But the rear was punctured ... Is this a riding ...? I will fix it when I return! perhaps! I have to forget! After all, if the weather is good, you will naturally want to ride a bicycle ~ I'm basically relaxing It is good to speed up, but it is good to relax with a cruiser! As the speed changes, the things that you see will change. That's why it's also available in Kichijoji! Cruiser! T19 × How I Roll Two-Four BMX CRUISER ¥ 78,000 (+tax) The customers who just came to me also wanted a lot! HereLast month's blogYou can also see the video, so please check it out ~ If you are worried about the rest as soon as possible! ! Collaboration between T19 and How I Roll ... oh yeahYesterday's blogIt was so, but I'm happy with collaboration. I want this much! ! ! You'll already be grabbed the heart in an instant ~ There is Venom or too much! ! ! And why the title was "collaboration" ... I wanted to show this guy! ! ! ! yeah? What kind of collaboration is it? Hint I think you can see this! ! That's right CARHARTT x We The People! ! ! ¥ 168,000 (+tax) "Wethepeple" is a BMX company that is transmitted by Cologne! ! While many major -class riders support, they also provide graphics to Lowdown, a German culture magazine. Adidas X Y-3CARHARTT WIPNot only the BMX world, such as producing original motorcycles BMX culture brand that leads to European street culture! I think "carhartt" is all you know! ! Workwear brand born in Detroit, USA Michigan, USA, which has more than 120 years of history! Regarding Carhartt, it's a quick, but it's a guy in this clothes! ! I can only say nice! ! The number of stocks is almost small! ! ! Fashionable you there! ! How is it? We are waiting for you at the store! ! Mazda
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