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came out Domo is Mazda. Musashi no -fmIt looks like a project to report live broadcasts to new shops and events. He introduced BROTURES KICHIJYOJI! I like to talk, but I wonder if it was okay because I was not good at summarizing the story ... I felt like LL ~ It's like Inoki, and it's like a professional wrestler because I'm wearing a SOSAI shirt. President Takada ... Governor Hatanai ... By the way, S.O.S.A.I is the Governor of Hatanai. I'm not at Takada Dojo! ! I'm sorry for the story! ! Thank you for the opportunity that Musashi-fm is not much! And I'm glad to have a chance to convey the splendor of the fixes from those who don't usually ride a bicycle to those who love bicycles! After all, bicycle commuting is good if you get on a crowded train when you go to work! Like this ... (Is it too cool)? It's a good season for cycling on holidays,One of your specialtyHow do you like it? There must be something that can be seen and fun every day changes! Please come to the store because we will consult anything! ! Thank you! ! Mazda BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155
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