Leader Bikes Kagero Custom Bikes Special !!!

Hello!!! Isn't it too hot recently!? The typhoon is approaching again ... There is a wind, but when you ride a bicycle, it is hot if you do not hydrate, so it is a guy who seriously falls down ... This is a special feature on Leader Bikes Kagero. * Kagero does not matter. Leader Bikes Kagero Frame Set ¥ 98,000- (+Tax) Kagero is a pashute geometry with the top tube forward, and its advantages and center of gravity are ahead, reducing air resistance. Therefore, it is used in a time trial, and the air resistance is reduced, so the speed is improved, It's easy to do skids, just because the frame is down before, it's not just the appearance part The characteristic of the Pashute Frame is that the ride comfort changes greatly. In addition, it is much different from the previous model, and there are two colors and Silver & Pearl Black. The geometry has changed dramatically, the head tube has become a tipper head, and the down tube has also become a tube tube. By becoming a tipper head, the part that receives the fork side is thicker, and the folk strength is also increased. (Currently 725TR & 735TR is the same) The strength of the pilot, which is the most important for rowing, etc., has been dramatically improved, and it has returned as a frame that is perfect for tough rides! There were many people who knew so far. And I'm sorry many times. 。 。 The story will return to the main subject and release the custom bike of Leader Bikes Kagero at the OSAKA store at once !! "I want to make a custom bike with Kagero." "I want to replace it with Kagero." "I want to be able to make skids easily by getting on the front" is a must -see !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How about. Did you refer to the custom -finished car so far!? The aero shape of Leader Bikes735TR and 725TR is also very attractive, but I want to ride a Leader Bikes which is a little different from people. Let's customize Kagero !!!! U-KI.
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