Leader 735TR x HED3

Today, I have a NIZAR motorcycle where I went with Glue Ride.
I use a fixie bike for training NIZAR is particular about the specifications. Upgrade the front wheel to HED3 today
The front has become intense, making it possible to drive further at high speed. In addition, the height is 185cm and weighs 90kg and the physical is quite powerful. The chain is IZUMI-V Chain!
It is said to be for decisive battles, and it is a chain that is literally used by bicycle racing players in the most important races here. IZUMI-V SUPER TOUGHNESS CHAIN ​​¥ 5,775 The crank is to combine the Zen chain ring with Sugino75.
The handle isDEDA ELEMENTI DABAR 。 FULL CARBON Astonishing lightness.
The saddle isFi'zi: K (Fizik) Arione K: IUM (KIUM) STD SADDLE The seat postLeader Bike SPCA1 Aero Carbon Seat Post
Actually, this 735TR, the frame size is rare in Japan, 58㎝. The length of this head tube ...
And the seat Leader Bike SPCA1 Aero Carbon Seat PostWith It's enviable because you can get that height.
Please refer to such a custom. natsuka
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