Brotures Original "Leather Strap" in stock

The original strap has arrived after a long time! Black ¥ 6,500- (+tax) Brown ¥ 6,500- (+tax) CAMO ¥ 7,500- (+tax) "Leather Strap" that puts "leather", which has been a history with humans, into a fixie bike A strap that is made by hand, by a leather craftsman with reliable technology, acknowledged by BROTURES. When sewing the leather on the surface and the velcro part on the back side, the arch is applied more intensely and sewing while bending. The shape when attached to the pedal is kept beautifully. Because the shape does not collapse, it has improved the feeling of hold and fit of the feet and fit. The compatibility with the pedal strap is also outstanding. Please try it.
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