Motorcycle dress -up, how about?

In the coming season, the bar tape is the parts that create a difference in cloud mud without any. It consumes extra physical strength as the grip power is reduced due to an increase in sweating. And most of all, it is one of the most casual parts that can be implied. Today we will introduce the part tapes and grips at the store! First of all, BROTURES long -awaited new product! LIZARD SKINS NORTHORE LOCK ON "BROTURES" Ver ¥ 3,200 (+Tax) The model is different for this grip and all Brotures stores. Kichijoji is a relatively thin BearClaw. Not only is it thin, but a pattern and compound that is easy to hold even with bare hands is used. Speaking of unusual grips, there is also this. GIZA Colorful Grip ¥ 5,500 (+Tax) A colorful lock -on type grip. It has a unique but soft impression, and the grip is smooth. GP Bar Tore Grip CAMO ¥ 1,800 (+Tax) A camouflage pattern bar tape taste grip. It is recommended because it is not tired with soft touch. GIZA Handle Bar Tape CAMO ¥ 1,800 (+Tax) It is a bar tape of the grip. It's definitely a choice if you accent your motorcycle! I want to wind the bar tape but I don't know what is good. Cycle Pro Handle Bar Tape ¥ 1,150 (+Tax) ~ There are cork type and suede type so it's perfect to try it once! Black does not impair the image of a motorcycle. Personally, I like the flashy custom only the handle. Fi'zi: K Super Light Glossy ¥ 2,100 (+Tax) The clear color will give you a sharpness to the motorcycle. And the more attractive leather tape, the more you get on it, the more you get on it. Brooks Leather Bar Tape ¥ 8,000 (+Tax) There is nothing to the right in the leather saddle, a leather bar tape dropped by BROOKS. Like the saddle, you will enjoy using it and raising it. How about such a stylish bar tape? BLB Leather Bar Tape ¥ 8,000 (+Tax) The feeling of "leather !!" is stronger than BROOKS. Personally, I love it. The attached bar end is also elaborate and cute. It's a bit difficult because it has only white, but if you match it firmly, it will be very refreshing and fashionable. I introduced the part tape and grip at the store with a feeling. It is absolutely better to have a bar tape, and I want you to challenge your favorite color and pattern because it is easy to put out the style. Why don't you float a little because it's summer? Toshi BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155
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