Group Ride Report!

Thanks to everyone who participated in last night's ride. Thank you for coming in an atmosphere that is not clear whether you do it or not! This time, unlike usual, it was a ride to Tama, not in Tokyo. As usual, it's just a blurred photo, but please come with you. Immediately, I'm ready to wear CBNC goods! Now! start! Even at night, it seemed a little bit fluent in the heat. 。 I sweat like a waterfall while sweating. And the goal! ! The reason why it was in Tama was that I wanted to come here in the national. ISLAND CAFE "HANA" is working with a regular Ryo who is a regular at the Harajuku store. It was a common acquaintance, and a surprise that reunited in junior high school here was exciting. This cafe where surfers gather. Both staff and customers are friendly and recommended in a homely atmosphere! I couldn't get any decent photos again, but it seems that everyone enjoyed it. I will also work harder. 。 BROTURES for this summer will do our best! Please look forward to it! Toshi
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