Leader Bikes "722RS"!?!?!?

Perhaps the first and last motorcycle, probably not before or ahead, has been assembled. Speaking of BROTURES, as a specialty store, I sometimes handled only single jerky bikes while approaching BMX cruisers and detours. This time, I would like to introduce only one motorcycle that is derailed instead of a detour. LEADER BIKES 722RS COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 268,000(+Tax) It's a Leader road bike. And it is 722 series. I guess few people are riding this motorcycle in Japan. It's a very valuable frame in the world. In fact, this was also a long -time sleep in the warehouse, and Junki was secretly confidential with Kosokoso, grinning, and it was a secret to other stores. The component is a choice of SRAM APEX. The mechanism is whitish, novel, fresh and good. There is a sense of cleanliness and luxury. White bar tape for the handle according to the color of the logo and the component. Speaking of the logo, I love this old logo of Leader. It's cool. Although it is a road bike, it looks like a Leader, and it has a tierdrop -shaped tube. I don't think it's easy to find a street -like road bike so far. It is ant to have two fixes and roads. As a road bike, it is not so expensive, so it is also recommended for those who are looking for a road with the first bike. Of course, Leader fans can not miss it! The size is L size, only one is a really first -come -first -served basis! Who will you be in your hand! ?
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